Radiant Health Strategies, LLC is a lawful advocate of personal freedom and of natural health practices.

The information on this website is a synergistic blend of holistic and traditional medicines which uses organic materials and healthy lifestyle suggestions to support the body's natural healing processes. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of advice provided by your licensed medical doctor or other health care provider. This information has not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and in the case of ill health, pregnancy, and other serious health conditions, a licensed medical practitioner should always be consulted prior to using any service or product sold by Radiant Health Strategies, LLC. Our product information and descriptions of any and all forms of holistic medicine are in no way intended as a medical claim to prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any situation or disease.

Why the disclaimer?

Because Naturopathic Doctors do not have the same legal rights as allopathic doctors. Dr. Phyl is a Naturopathic Doctor. How does that differ from an allopathic (medical doctor)? Naturopathic Doctors do not prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure illnesses. The medical industry owns those terms so only the medical industry can legally use those words or make those claims. Herbs, nutritional and lifestyle suggestions, essential oils and all other holistic therapies by law cannot legally claim to prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure illnesses. Only the medical and pharmaceutical industries can make such claims about drugs. This is an important distinction and explains why holistic remedies are not promoted in the mainstream media unless they appear in a particular form (usually synthetically reproduced as drugs). Plainly stated, here's the difference:


  • Earliest of the known healing systems
  • It includes a wide variety of healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Kemetic Healing Practices, Chinese Medicine, indigenous practices from the U.S. and all over the world
  • Uses foods, water, herbs, therapeutic massage and other physical therapeutic processes to help body heal itself
  • Addresses the root cause of dis-ease
  • Naturopaths are not allowed to use the terms "prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure"


  • Uses prescription, diagnosis, the synthetic isolation of chemicals and surgery
  • Addresses or band-aids symptoms, facilitates damage control and/or symptom management
  • Allopaths and the pharmaceutical industry own the terms "prescribe, diagnose, treat, and cure"

At Radiant Health Strategies, LLC we want you to be informed citizens. Our website is designed to educate and empower you so that you will not fall prey to the many faulty marketing messages and propaganda that exist in the mainstream media. Our website is continually growing and evolving. We invite you to stay in touch, grow and evolve with us.