Gotta Get That Boom Tap Pound

loose fist pounding with title.jpgMy Ode to The Black Eyed Peas ...

 I like that boom, tap, pound ... move lymph up with a sound ... blood clots can't stunt my swagger ... I'm on the health path ... energize right outta the gate ... blood clots eliminate ... I've got that boom, tap, pound ... woke up, insights profound ...

Gotta get it now!

OK, I can hear you laughing and begging me to not quit my day job. I'll stick to body whispering. However, I will mention that I got in trouble working out to the Black Eyed Peas once. The music got me so pumped up that I did about 20 extra reps and by the next day ... ouch!

Many of my clients get excited when they finally motivate themselves to exercise. Unfortunately many of them either forget to warm up properly or they simply do not want to take the time. If you do not warm up properly, you can injure yourself which will prevent you from exercising for a few weeks or more.

During the course of my many years teaching health and wellness and fitness classes, I have developed a warm up routine consisting of a series of breathing exercises coordinated with movement exercises including joint rotations, stretching and movements called body tapping or loose fist pounding.  Yoga practitioners such as the Dahn Yoga folks tend to use the term "tapping" and Qigong folks such as myself tend to use the term "pounding." I prefer the pounding because I can use my knuckles to detail boney areas with more precision (such as around my wrists and ankles). I recommend trying the technique with both an open palm and a loose fist and go with what feels right to you in the moment.

Why Ya Gotta Get That Boom, Tap, Pound

  • Increases circulation and energy
  • Increase production of synovial fluid in the joints
  • Moves stagnant energy out of the body
  • Reduces pain, stress and anxiety
  • Warms up the body and prepares it for exercise
  • Prevents the development of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)

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