Nourishing Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

digestive system public domain pix.pngJourney to the Cleanse ...

Years ago, after healing my body of COPD, I was shocked to discover that I had fatty deposits on my liver. I did not drink alcohol and lead a much healthier lifestyle than the average American. I was in school studying holistic health and discovered that over 1/3rd of the population unknowingly has NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease).

I got rid of the fatty deposits with a series of nourishing cleanses and over the years I continue to develop and refine ways of nourishing and energizing my liver and gallbladder.  I do this cleanse at least once per year at a solstice (usually the winter solstice as a mindful preparation for the New Year). I recommend doing this cleanse for each solstice if you have been through a very stressful time (your liver is VERY adversely affected by stress), have allergies or any kind of digestive imbalance.

Why Love Your Liver?

Your liver is your largest internal organ, the CEO of your body with over 600 functions that have been tracked in the allopathic and holistic disciplines. See the sidebar to learn more about your liver.

Benefits to loving your liver include healthy digestion, balanced emotions, beautiful radiant skin and mental clarity.

Liver/Gallbladder Nourishing Stew

Suggested Steps for nourishing, energizing and cleansing the Liver/Gallbladder

This blog was originally written for a Winter Solstice (December 21st-24th) cleanse, but you can do this cleanse any time. Your energies and actions are amplified 4 days before, during and 4 days after the solstice, so I recommend doing the cleanse for at least 7 days (Dec. 19th-26th) or preferably for 12 days (i.e. Dec. 17th-29th). You can take the kichadi to work and continue the cleanse for up to a month, making more stew as needed).  You do not need to follow my instructions exactly. I listed the full instructions below for those of you who want to do exactly what I do. However, every BODY is different. Meditate on what your body needs. Then, pick and choose what feels right to you. You may need to make adjustments to suit your schedule, etc. The winter solstice is also the optimal time for spiritual rejuvenation so I practice Medical Qigong (at least 12 repetitions of 8 Qigong exercises) for a minimum of 90 minutes per day (check out this abbreviated version which you can extend through multiple repetitions: Medical Qigong Sampler).

Week of December 7 or 2 weeks before you decide to do the cleanse  

Deepen/extend your prayer/meditation/journaling/contemplation practice.

Take 5 minutes daily to listen/feel the rhythm of your heartbeat in silence.

Consider what action/food/person no longer serves you – let the answer come to you, rising up from within or  ask: “how do I need to expand my perceptions to be open to what's next for me?”

Consider an action/food, etc. that  would nourish you (ask: “Who Am I? Am I really who I am? Am I all I ought to be? Who’s asking the question?)

Check your pantry to see what needs to be ordered for the cleanse (see sidebar for shopping list with links).

Note:  No need to have answers, but it is important to ask the questions each day and invest time in silent contemplation.

Week of December 14th or the week before your cleanse  

Phase the following out of your diet: all breads (including gluten free), flours, pastas, alcohol, nuts, caffeine, nightshades (eggplant, peppers, white potatoes, tomatoes, paprika), chocolate, dairy, baked goods, saturated fats, avocado. This is to prep for the cleanse by beginning to take the pressure off of the liver/gallbladder.

Complete the phase out December 17th or 4 days before your cleanse.

Note: Continue the contemplative activities of the previous week, continue the heart beat exercise and extend it to a minimum of 10 minutes per day. Journal or take inspired actions based on your realizations.

Beginning December 17th or 4 days before your cleanse.

Choose a time between December 21st and December 24th to be completely silent for 24 - (preferably) 48 hours.  If you must communicate, do so without speaking.  During this time, attempt to go 12-24 hours with no communication of any kind. Take away as much sound as possible (TV, Radio, etc.) Take a silent walk in the park if weather permits. If you find it difficult to stay silent, listen to one of the DoAsOne breathing rooms as background noise or with a headset.

Begin a breakfast routine of melons for breakfast with a pinch of cayenne. If you can take the heat prepare 1 melon chopped with 1 tsp of cayenne, stir and eat a cup daily. Cantaloupe is great but any melon is fine.

Winter Solstice – December 21st -24th (or any solstice or chosen cleanse time)


Drink 1/2 cup of inner fillet aloe vera juice (organic, low/aloin free) each morning and evening. Take 1 Health Force Friendly Force probiotic (increase to 1 each morning and evening if after a few days you feel you need more cleansing – taking too many will have a laxative effect so begin slowly).

Begin your day with your preferred spiritual practice and add a 10-20 minute moving meditation with deep breathing. If you have no such practice do the Qigong Morning Practice.

After showering (or if you bathe at night, before your spiritual practice) place 10 drops of lavandin or lavender in your palm and rub into the right side of your body (front and back) at ribcage (see picture for concept of liver location).

Have melons with cayenne or kichadi for breakfast (if you have both, eat the melons FIRST, wait 20 minutes, then eat the kichadi).

Note: Since you are eating kichadi all day, it’s fine to have 5 moderate servings or more whenever you feel hungry. Listen to and honor your body accordingly.  

At Any Time During the Solstice or Your Chosen Cleanse Time   Drink one 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and/or lemon juice twice daily between meals when desired.  You can also drink warm distilled water alone or with lemon.

Note: Continue the contemplative activities of the previous week, continue the heart beat exercise and extend it to a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Journal or take inspired actions based on your realizations. Adjust as needed. Listen to your body and follow the prompts of your soul.


Enjoy eating the kichadi as often as you need to but in small servings. Breathe slowly and deeply while eating and remain aware and connected to the present moment. This will keep you from getting bored with eating the same food. When you eat mindfully, each bite is a delicious new experience so be present while eating.


Enjoy kichadi for dinner with a cup of tea consisting of 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll, 2 TSP Vital Mineral Greens. The tea will be a little gritty, get it all down - drink every last gritty drop. You can do it.

Drink ½ cup of aloe vera juice in the evening preferably an hour or more before or after dinner. If you are constipated, take another probiotic.

Take a 30 minute warm bath of Epson Salt + Baking Soda + Sea Salt several times between the 17th and 24th of December. A warm salt bath every evening will not be too much. Enjoy as often as you can.  Feel free to add lavender to your bathwater which is healing and nourishing to your liver.

–Take 4 tablespoons of organic unrefined hemp seed oil right before bedtime. Hemp seed oil works best during the night while you are sleeping and your body is doing its healing work.

Enjoy in Radiant Health. Please share your experiences with me in the comments section below.