A Quick Strategy to Overcome Writer's and Other Mental Blocks

latino woman meditating.jpgOur brains are marvelously mysterious. The human brain represents only 2% of our body's total mass, yet requires 20% of our body's oxygen and calories. Meditate on that for a while ...

So with that knowledge in hand we can now have a greater understanding about mental blocks. Although we tend to complicate the issue, often times writer's and other mental blocks are caused by poor circulation of oxygen to the brain. I have noticed time and time again that clients, who show up in my office stressed and overwhelmed, can barely think clearly enough to tell me what's going on in their lives.

To remedy this issue, I lead them through a simple breathing exercise that works every time, calming them down and helping them to communicate effectively.

A Radiant Brain Massaging Strategy from The Body Whisperer

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a form of pranayama from India that is traditionally called "Nadi Shodhana," which means to clear the channels of circulation. Pranayama means control of breath enhance the body's self healing mechanisms. Put the two meanings together and you have a simple and powerfully effective strategy for overcoming writer's and other mental blocks. I wish I knew about this breathing exercise when I was a college student; however, I use it continually now when I research and write. The moment I feel "stuck" (which happens rarely now) I do this breathing exercise right away. It works like a charm!

Why do Alternate Nostril Breathing?

  • Helps you mentally prepare for work, presentations, class, tests
  • Helps you to efficiently transition between projects
  • Optimizes your left/right brain function, improves circulation
  • Calms your mind, nourishes your nervous system
  • Balances your emotions, improves concentration
  • Helps you relax and fall asleep

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