Turmeric: The Wonder Herb

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What is turmeric? 

Turmeric is a culinary and therapeutic herb

What is so special about turmeric?

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent called curcumin, which gives turmeric its deep orange/yellow color. Turmeric functions as a natural antibiotic and is known to help heal a wide array of ailments.  The beauty of turmeric as a natural antibiotic is that it strengthens digestion and improves intestinal flora.  Whenever my clients are told to take antibiotics, I remind them to take probiotics two hours later because the antibiotic weakens digestive function and upsets the balance of the intestinal flora by killing off both the "bad" and "good bacteria." I also strongly encourage that they take turmeric and put this pungent spice in their food.

A short summary of the benefits of turmeric

  • Natural antibiotic/purifies the blood
  • Promotes proper metabolism (aids in the digestion of protein)
  • Tonic for the skin
  • Protects the brain against free radical injury, protects brain cells, enhances brain function
  • Works on/supports the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system, supports all tissues of the body
  • Acts as a nutritive tonic, antibacterial/antiseptic agent, demulcent (soothes/protects), expectorant (promoting discharge of toxic fluids/mucus), emollient (softens/relaxes) and mild astringent (i.e. cleans and constricts pores, etc.)
  • Helps heal skin disorders, diabetes, arthritis, scrapes/bruises, anemia, poor circulation, congestion, sore throat, low/poor circulation

Turmeric tastes good in foods and can be added to anything. I use thin slices of the turmeric in soups and people think that its carrots. I also add the root to my smoothies. Most people use the dried powdered herb. You can add turmeric to eggs, rice, beans and meat. Add turmeric to any veggie that you want to give a yellow color. Turmeric is the spice that gives curry it's unique color. Be careful when handling it because it will stain your hands and clothes. If you'll wet your hands and rub them with about a tablespoon of baking soda, you can easily remove any yellow stains to your fingers or nails.

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