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An Alternative to the Holiday Binge

An Empowering Way to Cultivate Mindfulness, Meditation and Miracles for Your Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit During the Holidays.

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Mindful ways to engage in Thanksgiving

Black Males Step Up Their Game In DC

Black males participate in a nationwide effort to improve wellness imaging.

Herbal Healing Pathways to Heart Health

A focus on herbal strategies and remedies in this last installment of a 4 part series on the prevention and recover of heart…

Nourishing Pathways to Heart Health

Learn the important role nutrition plays in the prevention and recovery of heart dis-ease.

Physical Pathways to Heart Health

The Heart of the Matter Part II - Physical Pathways to Heart Health

The Heart of The Matter

Part 1 in a 4 part series on Heart Health for BMe Leaders

Radiant Immunity

Learn about powerful immune boosting herbs and experiment with a delicious recipe

5 Reasons to Know and Love Fenugreek

Learn 5 powerful healing properties of the healing herb fenugreek.

BMe and the IEB

An explanation and the purpose of BMe as the Inception of the Empowered Brotherhood.

Any Day Any Time Workout

Profile on BMe Leader Emmanuel Cephas and his innovative playground workout.

Workin' It Out

Learn why "sitting is the new smoking" and powerful therapeutic movement strategies for Radiant Health.
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