BMe Warriors

Dear BMe Warriors,

Thank you for taking the pledge to Reflect, Relax and Release for 5 minutes every day and for allowing me to partner with you to track your progress, receive feedback and help you along the way.  The BMe Morning Practice is now live! See below for written instructions.

What to do right now
Get an accountability partner. Find one person that you trust who will hold you accountable for doing these exercises every day, preferably first thing in the morning, immediately upon waking up.

Before you check your cell phone, the news, email …  power up and check yourself FIRST for at least 5 minutes each day. Here is a brief summary of suggested steps:

In Bed and Upon Awakening


  • Breathe slowly and deeply as you look around the room; pause and take a moment of gratitude
  • Breathe in and as you breathe out, reach forward and rub your body from sole to soul


  • With your palms over your heart, solar plexus or belly button (go with your intuition, do what you feel and note that your choices may change daily) keep breathing deeply and feel or listen to your heartbeat or other rhythm of your body


  • While breathing deeply, look over and behind your right shoulder – let go of tension (move extremely slowly)
  • Be sure to look all the way behind your right shoulder; pause; the repeat on the left side, making sure to move as if you are moving through water without making a single ripple; resist the temptation to snap your neck back - move as slowly as possible - the slower you go, the more self-control (and neck flexibility) you develop

Get out of bed, stand up and do these 3 exercises (remember to keep your spine straight, and never lock your knees or elbows, ease into each movement, move like you are moving through water/no ripples)

Front and Side Stretch - reach up; stretch from side to side; open palms and connect with Divine Energy; punch forward to touch toes - fist to the ground/slowly straighten legs to gently stretch hamstrings; wrap hand around ankles and body rub on the way back up 

Punch with Fiery Eyes - horse stance; loose fist at hip; breathe in lift chest/breathe out while turning head punch to the right/left with firey eyes; end with balancing on tip toes 3 times (the fire gives you the power you need to get through the day)  

Draw the Bow - set your intentions for the day; horse stance; reach forward and pull loose fist to the heart; raise right index finger and extend the right arm to the right side, simultaneously pulling the left fist back to the armpit to draw the bow; tuck tailbone open to keep the spine erect but not rigid; repeat each side looking intently beyond your index finger (your target are the goals and  intentions that you have for the day); balance on tip toes once more, attempting lift up as high as you can and balance for 3 seconds; repeat 3 times and then with gratitude and POWER, begin your day.

Make these exercises your own. Feel free to improvise as your body needs or prompts you to make adjustments. Just remember to keep your spine erect yet relaxed, keep your elbows and knees slightly bent, and neck and shoulders relaxed.

For this ongoing project to be successful, I need for you to send me feedback in the following ways:
Respond promptly (within a week) to the short surveys that I send you. Send video testimonials (a camera phone is fine, speak loud and clear, attempt to have decent lighting, for example when outside, have the sun behind the person shooting the video (sun faces you with selfie); also always state your name, title and city in the videos.

What I need from you

  • Please send me emails/texts with your thoughts and feedback/suggestions. If you've never called/texted me before please state your name/title/city first time around so I can identify you in my phone.
  • Please text me a picture of you as well so that I can add your picture to my contact information for you so that we get to know each other better/quickly.

Whenever you receive an insight, please do not delay – please send me an email, text or video (cell phone video is fine) ASAP and always include your full name, your title and your location (city/state). In return for your prompt and consistent feedback, I will provide you with Radiant Health information and practices to help you stay on track.  Black men have the worst health stats in the nation; they lead in 8 of the top 10 leading causes of death and for all leading causes of death they lead women. I am determined to reverse this trend. Your feedback is essential to establishing the foundation that will change the game for Black men nationally and hopefully worldwide. You are the catalysts that will bring about the inception of the empowered brotherhood.

For the LOVE ... POWER ... QI

Thank you, be well and be radiant ...