Cultivating Fire

The second part of your daily practice involves an exercise that is traditionally called "Punch with Fiery Eyes." The significance of this practice is especially important to metabolize in the aftermath of the Charleston Tragedy. We have much work to do in our communities, and every day we are faced with more and more life events that seduce us into what may feel like justified anger.  However, if you look more closely at anger, you might find that the majority of results that anger has brought us include:

  • Choices that lead to more stress and trauma
  • The manifestation of sickness and dis-ease
  • The perpetuation of chronic illnesses, frustration and more anger
  • Cyclical stress patterns, trouble in relationships
  • Jail time

Given these results, what other approach might be more effective?


Let's briefly look at some common differences between anger and FIRE.

Anger FIRE
Causes stress Transmutes Stress
Weakens the liver, eyes, gall bladder Energizes the liver, eyes, gall bladder
Increases cholesterol, imbalanced bile production, digestive distress and blood stagnation in the liver Balances cholesterol levels and bile production, improves digestion, removes stagnated blood in the liver and throughout the body, helps the body detoxify naturally
Is addictive and cumulative Breaks the cycle of addiction and creates inspired action
Tempts you to make choices "in the moment" under duress Energizes you to make EMPOWERED "in the moment" choices that yields results
Leaves you feeling frustrated, more angry, tempts you to complain about what isn't being done Energizes you to collaborate with others to find empowered solutions that exist beyond your current perception, encourages you to develop strategies that transcend the current challenges and provide working solutions

Black folks have been angry for a long time. This anger has now been internalized and is wreaking generational systemic havoc on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Unfortunately this anger is so prevalent that we get seduced into it as a first response to negative occurrences in our lives.

Would now be a good time to make a different choice? Where does anger come from? It comes from the same place that fire comes from: inside you.  Why then do we go to anger first? Because of our past history, which is full of trauma and pain, our brains are hard wired to take the anger path. We can break this hard wired cycle through self-mastery. Awareness and cultivation of our internal energy is pathway self mastery.

It is for this reason that I included the Punch With Fiery Eyes exercise in your daily practice. This exercise teaches you how to know the difference within yourself between anger and fire. It helps you tap into the fire so that the fire can transmute the anger into more fire to improve your health, balance your emotions and give you peace of mind.  

Have a wonderful week and remember to:




I welcome your thoughts and comments. Be well and radiant. 



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Can't wait to see the video.
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