qigong hyperthrow silhouette cropped.jpgWhat is Qigong?

“Qi” means energy/breath/life force. “Gong” means cultivation/movement/work
Qigong (pronounced chi-kung) is a 5000 year old internal Chinese discipline that is practiced by 200 million people worldwide of all ages, physical abilities, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. 

Qigong is the Mother of Acupuncture and Tai Chi and develops the cultivation of energy through the use of a variety of breathing techniques synchronized with meditation, movement and its effects are greatly enhanced by the sounds of nature or music. 

The practice of Qigong safely builds muscular endurance while reducing stress and enhancing energy. Qigong also develops a high level of self-control, self-mastery, emotional and mental balance in those who choose to practice it with sincerity, presence, consistency and persistence.

Qigong can only be partially understood with words. To truly understand what Qigong is, you have to experience it. With time and practice, you will come to understand its profound effects.

Health Benefits of Qigong
Nourishes the heart, improves circulation
Stimulates metabolism, digestion, elimination, improves absorption
• Rejuvenates sexual function and the immune system
• Enhances blood flow to the brain, mental sharpness, concentration
• Reduces stress and blood pressure
• Enhances the effects of healing work such as therapeutic massage, Reiki and craniosacral therapy
• Improves mind/body connections, reflexes and helps prevent osteoporosis