Thank you so much for showing me how our bodies can heal themselves if you give it what it needs. In providing me with the information and guidance to do so, I became pregnant after almost 10 years of “unexplained infertility” per the [allopathic] doctors. The greatest part about it is that we were not trying to get pregnant, just trying to be healthier and to our great surprise I got pregnant and had a healthy little boy. Thanks again! 

 — Monika McKennie




Dr. Phyl teaches people how to get healthy without drugs or surgery. Long before pharmaceutical medicine, there was another kind of medicine called Naturopathy. Naturopathy is the oldest known healing system. It includes a wide array of healing systems from all over the world including Africa, Native America, Asia, Mexico, South America and much more. Naturopathy uses food, herbs and movement to enhance the body's self healing mechanisms.

Dr. Phyl develops and provides health prevention and intervention programs that help correct and restore imbalances in the mind and body, without the use of medications, through the use of a synergistic blend of holistic healing modalities.

Dr. Phyl created Radiant Health Strategies that focus on healing the whole person. Consider these Radiant Health concepts:
Healing (mental, emotional, physical) begins in the mind; if you go there in the mind, you will go there in the body.

Emotions drive your decisions and directly affect the health of your organs.
What you choose to focus on will have power over your life. Stress is the # 1 killer of humans and can be quickly diffused through awareness and breathing techniques.

I use the word dis-ease, and it is always hyphenated. The Radiant Health definition of the word dis-ease means a lack of ease in your physical, emotional or mental self. The small actions you take throughout each day creates and maintains Radiant Health.

On this website, you will learn how to approach the healing of ailments affecting the mind, body, emotions and spirit from the perspective of YOU as a whole person -- how you feel, think and act -- what inspired actions you need to take to correct the imbalances that are the underlying causes of all dis-eases.

Dr. Phyl encourages everyone to allow her three truisms to marinate in your mind:

  • You have the choice and the power to change your life.
  • You have within you the wisdom and ability to achieve and maintain Radiant Health.
  • There is no "bad" part of you; only parts of you yearning for love, acceptance or transmutation.

Do you take care of your body or does your body take care of you?
Dr. Phyl would say that your body takes care of you; however, it is important that you know how to listen to the signals your body sends you and act on those signals immediately. If you give your body what it needs, your body will heal itself.
Radiant Health Strategies can be used to help you heal from a wide array of dis-eases including:

  • Cancer
  • COPD
  • Stroke
  • Heart Dis-ease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Influenza & Pneumonia
  • Kidney Dis-eases
  • Mental Illness and the affects of Stress